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Normally We Are Not Born With A
"Need" For Any Medical Drug.
So . . . Why Do You Suppose That So Many Of
Us Are On Medicatiions . . . Especially Our Children?
If we just stop and think about it logically, we know that well before there were doctors and medical drugs . . . humans survived.

And with all of our medications, with some of the best trained doctors in the world, we are not the ones who live the longest - Japan is number one! We, believe it or not, are number "33" on the last list that I personally viewed.

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We can be born with a deficiency of natural chemicals, such as enzymes and neurotransmitter forming amino acids.

Stress and trauma within a family reduce these needed chemicals even more in a young child. As the child grows and experiences the stress of growing up and living in today's world . . . the depletion continues and with many of us, the internal chemistries never reach or "catch up" with needed levels.

Drugs do not supply the brain and body with the ingredients to balance these chemistries. Drugs simply make the level of chemicals you already have work differently, harder and/or longer.

Only nutrition we take in as food or nutritional supplements can improve your levels of available chemistry and attempt to support the continued building of the needed transmitters, enzymes and the like.

It's true that medications that treat debilitating and life shortening diseases can, and have improved the quality and span of life. We don't say, not to take these medications.

We do believe that taking medications to alter mind and moods have side effects which may be avoided by using nutritional supplements instead of drugs . . . as part of a healthy life style.

The following articles, study in some detail, several neurotransmitters of the Central Nervous System, believed by modern medicine to be those responsible for medical problems such as Anxiety, Stress, Alcoholism, Depression, (ADD/ADHD), Drugs, Outbursts of Anger, Lack of Concentration, Being Overweight, PTSD, or Sleeping Problems

The Neurotransmitters Of
The Central Nervous System!
  • Serotonin . . . How Important Is It? When we have enough serotonin, we feel emotionally stable, we can sleep, we can sort out the feelings and determine in a logical manner if there is a threat present. Most prescription medications for depression are related to serotonin.

  • Dopamine: When our body has enough Dopamine we're blessed with feelings of bliss and pleasure, euphoric, appetite control, controlled motor movements, and we feel focused. Low dopamine is believed to be one of the causes of ADD/ADHD.

  • Enkephalins When we have an Enkephalin Deficiency, a lack of enkephalins, we can have feelings of incompleteness; Lack of fulfillment; Feelings of inferiority; Feelings of inadequacy; Never feels "equal"; Fearful, and insecure feelings.

  • GABA: GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the most important and the abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain (it's actually an amino acid classified as a neurotransmitter).

  • Norepinephrine: Like dopamine, norepinephrine has a stimulating effect, fosters alertness, and plays an important regulatory role in long-term memory and learning. Also, like dopamine, low norepinephrine is believed to be one of the causes of ADD/ADHD. It also protects endorphins from being broken down prematurely.

We believe with proper diet and selective supplementation, medications to alter mind and moods and their side effects, never need to become a part of your life.

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